Privacy statement


As per art. 13 of GDPR 679/2016 – Regulation of the Eurpean Parliament and of the Council on April 27th 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data

We would like to inform you that your data will be processed according to the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation of the Eurpean Parliament and of the Council on April 27th 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data)



Your data will be collected, stored and treated for the following purposes:

  1. To comply with contractual requirements;

  2. To comply with fiscal or accounting requirements;

  3. Operational and administrative requirements, strictly related to contractual requirements;

  4. Management of commercial relationship as far as necessary in order to provide the best possible service.



To comply with laws, regulations and European law or regulations issued by legitimate authorities or surveillance and control organs, and to comply with fiscal and accounting or management requirements it is not necessary your consent.

Please keep in mind that lack of data conferral will make impossible to establish or to proceed with the relationship.



Your personal data will be collected and processed, electronically or through papers, exclusively for the purposes described herein, and record retention will last no longer than required or, up to when the Controller will receive your request of cancellation for treatment related to optional consent.

Your personal data will be stored in our server or our entrusted provider’s server, and will be processed mainly automatically.

Your personal data are processed according to confidentiality principles listed in the measures issued by the Italian DPA. Collected data are processed by authorized personnel. All the personnel accessing to data has been previously authorized through official designation, as foreseen by law. Collected data could be periodically updated with information provided later.

We use controls, technical and managerial measures in order to protect user’s personal data from unauthorized access, loss or abuses.


Without prejudice to mandatory communication, your data might be communicated to:

  1. External advisors in charge for accounting or fiscal consultancy;

  2. Attorneys for legal advice on contractual matter or controversy management;

  3. Third Parties which we rely on for services provision and related activities, exclusively for the purposes described herein;

  4. Financial institutions.

Anyhow, just strictly needed data, related to tasks they are in charge for, will be communicated to the above mentioned.

Personal data will not be broadcasted.



Complying with law in force, at any time you might:

  1. Be informed regarding your data presence

  2. Know origin, content, goals and process pattern.

  3. Logic underlying electronic treatment

  4. Details of Controller, Processor, Parties whom your data have been communicated to

Moreover, you have the right of:

  1. Update, integrate, correct your data and rights of portability

  2. Cancellation, anonymization, block of your data processed against law

  3. Opposition to data processing, for legitimate reason, pertinent to processing

  4. Opposition to data processing for marketing

According to GDPR 2016/679, you have the rights to complain to Authority.

In order to exercise your right, you can contact:


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