production of
special alloys ingots

Our company produces ingots in copper-based alloys – tin bronze, aluminium bronze, manganese bronze and special alloys.

The production cycle starts with the supplying of scraps which originate from other production wastes, dismantling of plants and raw materials.

These, after an accurate control, are mixed in the right proportions and melted in the furnace to create the alloy according to the chemical analysis and mechanical specs. We can produce according to the norms EN 1982, ASTM B30, JIS H 2202, updated to the latest version, and according to customer’s specs.

Our potential customers are foundries that produce any kind of item starting with ingots. The standardisation and the constant control of every single process, as the continue research of innovative methods, allow us to realize high quality products, both regarding the refinery of the metals and the respect of the analytical standards.

We are able to deliver our goods all over the world, fully respecting the terms agreed upon with the customer.